Our team wants to end expense reports as we know them, and we’re taking the first step toward that reality with the public launch of Fetch, Shoeboxed’s new expense management product.

We’d like to start by thanking our Beta testers who helped get us here. Without the feedback of companies like 410 Medical, Investors Circle and Offline, we would not have the amazing product we’re so proud to be shipping next week.

Fetch was a dream a long time in the making for the Shoeboxed team that was inspired by the people we serve and the problems we address with our core product.

Fetch was conceived when customers asked Shoeboxed to build an expense reporting solution that wasn’t as complicated or difficult to set up as other tools on the market. While Shoeboxed serves as a state of the art receipt and business card digitization service, it was never meant to be a full-service expense reporting tool.

Time and again, we saw users trying to make it just that.

We knew we needed to know more about why. The requests sparked a rigorous period of customer surveys, interviews and focus groups to uncover exactly what people disliked about existing expense reporting tools and what they truly needed in a new one.

After nearly nine months of market testing, we knew exactly what we had to build. Our work began in September 2016.

Fetch is now ready for everyone.

The first thing users will notice is the straightforward interface. Fetch’s elegant design isn’t just for aesthetics, it’s to make your experience using the app exceptionally efficient because we know you have better things to do than mess with expense reports.

Expense reporting apps are notoriously clunky. Fetch was built to not only be easier to use than those apps, but also more simple than other apps on your phone.

Fetch delivers only relevant information so you can do what you need to quickly and get back to other tasks at hand. There is no excessive marketing messaging or pushy sales emails, only helpful info about how to get you and your employees reimbursed faster.

You’ll also notice the speed.

Fetch’s main objective is to be the fastest tool on the planet for getting employees reimbursed for expenses. To do this, we’ve condensed the process down to the basics and gotten rid of expense reports altogether.  

We’ve created a streamlined receipt submission process for employees which then batches receipts for approval and payment by team administrators.

Fetch flexes to fit your team, expanding with your growth and customized to your organizational structure. From the expense categories and icons your team uses to how often you’d like to be notified of expenses needing approval, you can adjust just about anything to fit your workflow.

That’s the point of Fetch, making your expense management work for you, rather than slogging through paper, spreadsheets, and enterprise-level solutions.

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